8 October 2013

Mummy mask and haloween

Haloween is in jamaa!! everything is spooky as always and there was a great surprise for everyone yesterday, scarybat wings were for sale in the jam mart clotching as the rare item monday item!

Also we reached over 10000 views!! Thanks so mush guys!

So anyway, today's new item is the mummy mask, sold in the jam mart clothing! Be sure to visit the spooky party and the haunted party too fot some amazing items that were super rare in the past few years... But by my opinion, AJ shouldn't be returning beta items in jamaa, its like everyone that had beta items , those items are just worthless now....
Happy jamming everyone, and as always thanks for reading!

28 July 2013

New jewlery :D and an untitled room

So ya jammers today is full of surprises for me.
I was walking in the coral canyons shop, and all the sudden i was in a grey room filled with random jammers and some flowers alike the ones in the adventures O.O

My point is it was weird and unusual and it was called the untitled room.

Todays new item is the turquoise necklace and the turquoise braclet :) You can buy it in the epic wonders :D And ya i am going to mention the phantom shirt in the clothes shop and the new owl plushies in the carnival! And ya idk how to take screenshots on the mac so lol No pics :( sorry..
Thx for reading again and tell me if you were in the untitled room :3

27 July 2013

I'm coming back!

Ya jammers there was a lot of time i spended not using this blog so i tought about leaving it or not... than i realised  blog isnt jus for some daily animal jam items. i tought i'll post some much, much more exitong stuff!

So yah i bet that all of you know about the kimbara outback, and the new aj map (its kinda childish so i feel like a kid myself playing it now lol) and in the next post ill make a journey guide (it is sooo easy i cleared it in less than 3 minutes!)

And as the last thing im making my den unlocked so anyone can come in now ^^ And i think i have a shot to be a popular jammer/blogger o animal jam lol

So have fun playing, trading, partying and exploring ! ya and as always thanks for reading!!

31 March 2013


Hey jammers! todays new item is the longboard, now sold in jam mart furniture!
Did you guys finished the egg hunt yet? Is you didn't then here is a tip:in every land of jamaa there is an egg hidden, and the 8. one is located in the canyons pathway!
The gift is a nest of eggs! if you click one egg, you get an animal(or a phantom) hatched!
Did you open all of the eggs with animals? What about phantoms?
Sorry i didn't post for long again , but well im thinking of shutting the blog down.... ill think agai
Bye jammers!Happy jamming! and as always thanks for reading!